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Amanda Ferranti

Mike’s program is strategically outlined, well researched, and thoroughly implemented for the best results.

Mike and his strategies helped me obtain an MVP for the first time in 25 years

David 'Tintin' Watts

It was the first time in my career I had shot 100% from the field and felt in total control

Jamell Anderson

It was like the voice in my head was motivating and 100% believed I would make shots.

It’s very simple to do but the effect was huge.

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SUCCESS STORY – semi-professional footballer

Amanda Ferranti Is a Semi-professional footballer in the USA.

The first section allows me to figure out where she is at and whether she would be an ideal candidate to go through the program. Her answers allowed me to decide she was suitable!
  1. What is your defensive strategy in terms of limiting the attacker’s options?

Force one way to isolate the attacker. Deny the shot. Look at the ball.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being reactive and 10 being proactive, where would you rate yourself?


  1. Do you have any objection of learning new techniques to aid your defensive ability? If so what are they?


  1. Are you willing to implement these new techniques straight away and continue to use them?

Yes if they work.

After the first week I invited her to share her thoughts so we could reflect and make changes.  The learning has started!

Thoughts, feelings and noticeable differences

It was definitely different to look at the player’s eyes and it made me uncomfortable as if I was going to let her by me, however I never did. If anything I saw that I could read fakes better. I just need to keep practicing and see if it works against more talented players. I think it was also easier to do when denying the attacker from moving forward, I am not sure yet about actually winning the ball. I feel like I like to look at the ball to tackle it, however I could learn to trust my awareness and place my foot where it needs to be.

Questions I need to ask for clarification and learning

Is this proven to work or am I trying this out? I don’t want to be beat, which is why I resort to my old known ways.

After 2 weeks she was feeling a little wobbly which is natural when anyone changes old habits and is creating new ones.

Thoughts, feelings and noticeable differences

My awareness was not that great this week. Once I begin playing I get caught up in other things and forget to focus on defending by looking at the player’s eyes. However I do feel that my eyes are drifting higher up rather than staring at the ball. Especially when I am on offense. I feel that I made several plays where I looked one way intently yet played the pass the other way.

Questions I need to ask for clarification and learning

I need to develop a better way of remembering to defend in this manner.

After three weeks, she has removed old habits and instilled new ones!  She is definitely on her way!

Thoughts, feelings and noticeable differences

I felt very comfortable using the technique this week. I felt like my eyes now automatically look at the opponents whether I am on that player or watching a player from afar. I can anticipate where they are going with the ball a lot quicker and I feel proactive rather than reactive. There are still moments where regardless of knowing where the pass is going, there is too much space for me to cut it off. Not sure if I can hone in a little better.

Questions I need to ask for clarification and learning

Once the technique is learned is there more you can do to enhance your defensive awareness.

Week 4 and the new skill is embedded!  The learning curve is completed!  

Thoughts, feelings and noticeable differences

I don’t even think about the skill anymore. I performed well on Saturday. I would like to work on being conscious about my eyes on the attack now. I also would like to work on reading facing more closely to be more accurate about their emotional states.  

Questions I need to ask for clarification and learning

Where does the program go from here?

WOW!  After only five weeks the increased performance has been amazing!  This is a six week program but she’s smashing it!  How did her junior players benefit?  Find out below!

Thoughts, feelings and noticeable differences

I am continuing to apply the technique without much thought needed. I now naturally look up to the players eyes to get a sense of where she is going and what she plans to do with the ball.

This week I took an extra step by introducing this technique to 2 10 year olds in a private training session. We were working on a 1v1 situation for both girls to review their attacking technique as well as their patience and stance on defense. I decided to teach them to look at the eyes because they are young and I wanted to observe if this technique would work at their age. I had to constantly remind the girls to look at eyes, however, when they did, their defending was quicker ad smarter. The one girl in particular who is weaker when defending would actually block the shots when looking at the eyes, but get scored on when she looked at the ball.


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