Here is what my clients are saying…

David 'Tintin' Watts

It was the first time in my career I had shot 100% from the field and felt in total control

Amanda Ferranti

Mike’s program is strategically outlined, well researched, and thoroughly implemented for the best results.

Mike and his strategies helped me obtain an MVP for the first time in 25 years

Jamell Anderson

It was like the voice in my head was motivating and 100% believed I would make shots.

It’s very simple to do but the effect was huge.

No matter what sport you play – the strategy of improving your performance stems from a solid formula that you’ve seen on this page.

When you need a boost in confidence or to get your performance back to the standard you know you can reach, then we need to talk.

Welcome to Winning Sports Minds!


Re-discover your mojo!

If you’re a sports person wanting to get back on track or enhance your performance you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are an aspiring player wanting to smash through to the upper echelons in your sport or need guidance to get your head back in shape to recover the lost form that once made you a player to fear, we will build your mind to accept new perspectives, new attitudes and a mind that will be built for success and ready to look at failure in a positive light.

SUCCESS STORY – Squash player

What was performance like before they came to mike?

“I was letting anger and frustrations rule my head.  I took these home with me and playing sport was more a chore than enjoyment”

How did they find working with Mike?

“Mike has a good ear for listening and explains things in a way I could understand and use pretty much straight away”

Did they have any reservations of working with me?  What were they?

I’m always a little sceptical but after the first session, I felt able to share my frustrations”

What was the one thing they got from working with Mike?

How my mind controls me.  I learnt how to approach my sport from a very different perspective.  I feel great about life and the sport I play!”

Why you are here

Because you want to be prepared for whatever the competition throws at you.  You want to fine tune your thinking so you are ready for any eventuality and have that confidence that whatever happens, you’ll know how to act and allow your best to come out.

When can I start?

The sooner you pop your details in the box below the sooner we can start.

How the program works

Your mind is much more powerful than you give it credit for and there are perception you have yet to experience that will give you an edge!

It’s my passion and job to help any aspiring athlete to unlock and fine tune their minds so it is in line with their desired performance levels, meaning you are able to think like a winner and behave like a winner.  Your game will dramatically improve within hours of implementing the tools you will learn.

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Enjoying sport is essential to your well-being and overall health. Winning happens when everything else is in harmony

MIND BLOWING – “This model is the Holy Grail as to why people succeed or fail” Tony Robbins

This model was produced after months of research and discussion.  It clarifies the four most powerful factors that influence success or failure.

Learn how to change your sporting outcomes now

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